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Should You Have a Light For an Axolotl?

When regarding light and axolotls, there’s nothing saying that you necessarily have them for your tank. It’s definitely not required, but there are a couple of things that you should consider. First, it’s all about the aesthetics here. A well-lit aquarium look pretty good, and while it’s all about creating the perfect environment for your creature, light definitely isn’t going to harm them. The opposite may be a little disorienting for the axolotl, especially if it is in a room where there is light when their aquarium doesn’t have any. Just as you experience a bit of disorientation when you’re turning on the light in the room, the axolotl will experience the same kind of thing.

What Kind of Light?

As earlier stated, there isn’t anything explicitly stating that you should have light for the axolotl, so pretty much anything will work here. Of course, you do understand that any aquarium with live plants will need it. In any event, most people find that the standard aquarium lighting is more than suitable, as it allows them to see what’s going on and has the added benefit of just looking pretty good. The typical lighting is basically just a hood with a fluorescent aquarium bulb with a starter unit, which doesn’t cost too much and is readily available at any given aquarium shop. Be

All things considered, it actually shouldn’t be very difficult to solve the lighting problem with your axolotl. In fact, given the prevalence of standard lights, you should be able to find something that’s actually pretty decent for a very low price. So, be sure to delegate time and resources to things that will make your axolotl comfortable and happy with some other accessories, as there are some that are much more important than their lighting.

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