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Axololtl Pellets

If you are looking to give your Axolotl a balenced healthy diet then Axolotl pellets are a fantastic food - combined with other foods such as bloodworm and earthworms they are fed all over the world by Axolotl keepers. Pellets also make the ideal choice when time is sometimes short as they do not need to be kept in a freezer or fride and can be kept next to the aquarium ready for feeding any time.

Train your Axolotl to eat pellets

Yes that right - you should be able to train your Axolotl to eat pellets from tweezers! - as you may already know Axolotls sneak up on food and then jump and open their month with can be described as a vacuum to take the food. Over time you can get your Axolotl to know that you are feeding pellets and to come to the surface or part of the aquarium when you go to feed.

Follow these steps and try ans train your Axolotl:

1) Use the same method of feeding - such as using tweezers every time you feed pellets.
2) Stick to the same area of the aquarium - the Axolotl then gets used to eating pellets from there.
3) Gently hold the pellets just below the water level.
4) Get your Axolotls attention but moving the pellets around - once they have spotted you keep it still.
5) Your Axolotl should then start to swim toward the pellets - release the pellet just before so that it sinks next to their month.
6) Repeat this everytime you feed Axolotl pellets and see if your Axolotl starts to swim to the same spot everytime!

Training your Axolotl is not easy and will depend on your individual Axolotl - but give it a go and let us know if you have success!.


Axolotl Pellets Direct

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