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Axolotl Aquarium & Tank Setup?

The Axolotl is easily one of the most unique creatures on the planet, available in only no other place on the planet. Outside of this unique name, there are other things that the prospective owner should concern themselves with – the aquarium. While it does have a certain degree of difficulty, you’ll find that it’s actually not that hard to manage, especially if you’re willing to follow the directions pretty well. But, luckily enough, you’ll find that the cost of these items isn’t very high, and they’re actually pretty easy to apply.

The Aquarium

The aforementioned degree of difficulty doesn’t actually lay in the things that you need, but it’s actually a few things that you should keep an eye on, much like other sensitive creatures. The tank itself can be pretty standard; the normal 48 x 12 x 15 inches is generally fine. The water level should be at about 60 litres, and it should employ the use of a polystyrene board for evening the pressure of the weight of the tank. If you’re going to have multiple axolotls in a tank, be sure that there is a divider that separates males, females, and any juveniles that you may have. This cuts down any predation or unwanted mating between them. Also, if you’re going to be lining the bottom with gravel, be sure that they’re too big for the axolotl to swallow.

Filtration, Lighting, and Temperature

Firstly, filtration isn’t actually that important when you’re considering axolotls. It should be said that they do secrete a lot, and considering that most of it is ammonia, it’s imperative that you’re keeping the tank in great condition. The light also isn’t very dire here, and a lot enthusiasts actually state that the standard lighting is fine here. But, the only really important thing here is to assure that the temperature is room 14 to 20 Celsius, anything less than that will cause the axolotl to move about sluggishly, which could make them eat less than what they should.

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