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Welcome to myAxolotl.com - All About Axolotls

This website is full of information all about the fascinating creatures of Axolotl Salamander. This site comprises of my own knowledge and my own interpretation of the best information I have read and found, from books and all over the internet. Hopefully this site will contain all the information you could possibly need about Axolotl care, aswell as videos, photos, and an online Axolotls for sale.

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Albino Axolotl close up photo from the front.

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What is an Axolotl?

An Axolotl (you pronounce it Ax-oh-lot-ul) is an amphibian, a salamander, and part of one of the three parts of class Amphibia, which also includes the frogs and toads. Some people think that Axolotls and other salamanders are lizards or reptiles, when they are not, amphibians are a completely separate group of animals.

An Axolotl, aswell as other amphibians, remains in its larval (never grows into an adult) form throughout its life. This means that it keeps its gills and fins, and it doesn't develop the protruding eyes, eyelids and characteristics of other adult salamanders.

Mexican Axolotls originate from Mexico and were native to both Lake Xochimilco, and Lake Chalco. These lakes in Mexico do not exist today and Axolotls are rarely caught in the wild, they are now also on the CITES endangered species list. Axolotls kept as pets and in labourites should ensure the survival of the species.

So remember - an Axolotl is not a fish, its an Amphibia!



Axolotls in the news!

Axolotls have recently made the the BBC news in the UK.

An Axolotls kept as a pet in Devon started to loose all its gills and turn into a salamander, undergoing metamorphosis.

"I've heard about them changing into adults but I never thought it would happen to one of mine - I'm astonished."  To read the full article, click here.


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Have you heard The Axolotl Song?

This video is a much watch for all Axolotl fans!


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